How to have static charts/graphs in Excel 2007/2010

Last year, in graduate class, it took me over 1.5 hours to find the answer to “How do I get my charts to stay static when using Excel?” My group saw our charts changing in PowerPoint and Excel whenever we manipulated data, which did not seem to happen in 2003. So, of course, I tried solving the problem.

Today, I had the same problem occur while I was helping students in one of our high schools. Of course, I had forgotten what to do, so I researched it again, but used the correct terminology to find it. “how to keep data static in excel chart” was not the correct search term, but “how to save my excel graph picture” did.

Here are the 2 sites that work well. The first “cheats” by copying/pasting the graph to a graphics program, then recopying/pasting the picture into the Microsoft product. The second site shows you how to create static pictures in Excel.

Site 1:
Site 2:

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